Why NEPSE continues to decrease and investors looking for ?

Apr Fri 2023 03:27:12


Why NEPSE continues to decrease and  investors looking for ?

Kathmandu. The market has been gradually decreasing for about one and a half years. The market capitalization, which reached about 44 billion, has fallen to around 27 billion by Thursday. Meanwhile, when will the 20-month-long bearish trend end? Investors say that this is the question that is playing in their minds right now. Share market investor Keshav Koirala says that the bearish trend is going on in the stock market now and it may continue for some time. Therefore, he insists that investors should be restrained.

He estimates that the bearish trend in the market will end in about six/seven months. He said that in the past it would be a 3-year bearish, and he expected it not to be long now. He says, "There may be a 'bullish trend' in the market around the coming Dashaintihar." On the other hand, the president of Nepal Capital Market Investors Association, Radha Pokharel, says that the market is not in the direction of growth right now. She said that the bank interest rate will be low in the normal state of the economy and that will make it easier for investment, and she said that the stock market will not rise until the interest rate decreases.

In the past, even the small steps of the political leadership in the stock market made sense. Because of this, the stock market used to go up or down in a moment. But that was short-lived. But Pokharel believes that the small steps of political parties have stopped affecting the stock market. He said that in the past, if there was a situation where the finance minister would repeat himself, investors would have expected the work done by that finance minister in the past.

Dr. as the new finance minister. With the increase in exposure, stock market investors are intensifying various lobbying efforts. Only on Monday, the Capital Market Forum, a group of investors, met Finance Minister Mahat and pointed out the need for amendments and modifications in various policies for the development of the stock market.

Investors have been demanding that the National Bank should reduce the risk burden of share mortgage loans from 150 percent to 100 percent, banks and financial institutions should be opened to purchase shares without cross holding, and the limit of 12 loans per person or per institution should be removed. The forum also suggested to the finance minister to facilitate these arrangements.