Global IME Bank Honored by best Taxpayer in Banking History of Nepal

Nov Fri 2023 02:28:54


Global IME Bank Honored by best Taxpayer in Banking History of Nepal

Kathmandu. The government has honored the best taxpayers. Finance Minister Dr. Prakasharan Mahat honored the best tax payers of various sectors. The Nepal Telecommunications Company which filed the highest income tax in the financial year 2078/79 has been awarded. Dabur Nepal in the export business sector, Asian Paints in the special industry, OBC Foods and Freed Company in the agriculture and livestock industry, Neighborhood Microfinance Financial Institution in the cooperative and microfinance sector and Global IME Bank in the bank and financial sector were honored.

Similarly, life insurance company Nepal for insurance business, Nobel Medical College for health education provider organization, Manakamana Darshan Pvt Ltd for tourism business, Bhatbhateni supermarket for commodity trading, Nepal Stock Exchange for mid-level taxpayers paying 500 million to 1 billion tax and Bhotekosi Hydropower Company for energy country industry.

The government honored Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd in the categories of IME Limited for remittance business, Vijay Kumar Sah for personal income and Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd for paying the most income tax, value added, excise duty and filing for five years of value added tax.

The government is going to provide a special type of identity card for one year to the best taxpayers. Finance Secretary Dr. Krishnahari Puskar informed that the process of issuing identity cards to the best taxpayers has started from today. On that occasion, Finance Minister Dr. Mahat honored the employees who provide excellent service in tax administration.