Husband is Executive Director (ED) of Nepal Rastra Bank and Wife is DCEO

May Tue 2022 03:37:23


Husband is  Executive Director (ED) of Nepal Rastra Bank and Wife is DCEO

Kathmandu. Samata Pant, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of Nepal Bank, entered the banking profession in 2061 BS. Samata became the DCEO of Nepal Bank within 15 years of becoming a banker. His interest was to become a banker. That's why she studied management faculty.

She joined Nepal Bank in October 2061 BS as a sixth level employee. When Nepal Bank was in trouble. Nepal Bank was recruiting new employees by giving voluntary retirement to the old employees. At the same time, Samata also joined Nepal Bank.

With 17 years of experience, she has worked in various departments and positions of Nepal Bank. The batch of 2060 BS and 2061 BS is now under the top management of Nepal Bank. She says there has been a lot of change in banking before and now. She says that she used to do her work wet.

Samata Pant's husband is also a banker. While studying for her master's degree at Shankar Dev Campus, she married Rishikesh Bhatt in 2058 BS. Bhatt is currently the Executive Director of Nepal Rastra Bank.

She says that she got a lot of help when her husband was also in the banking sector. "He (my husband) gives a lot of advice. Initially, he taught a lot of things while working in the bank. Before, he was in the regulatory department of the National Bank. That also made me feel a little better. She said.