What is Personal Accident Insurance and How to do will Insured ?

Mar Tue 2023 12:40:15


What is Personal Accident Insurance and How to do will Insured ?

Kathmandu. An insurance plan that provides compensation in case of injury or death of an insured in an accident is "Personal Accident Bima Yojana".

In addition to the industries and businesses employing many employees, any organizations can get collective accident insurance for all their workers and employees through collective accident insurance. This insurance covers the risk in case of injury or death due to external injury to the body.

How and where to do it?

Non-life insurance companies offer non-life insurance at very low premiums. Accident insurance policy can be purchased immediately after paying the application form and insurance fee by going to any branch office of Nirjeevan Insurance Company. Citizenship certificate, passport size photo is mandatory for personal accident insurance. The insurance company can also demand additional proof of the identity card or appointment letter given by the employer, the occupation involved, the nature of the risk of business work.

Who is suitable for insurance

Accident insurance This insurance plan is suitable for those who travel regularly, employees, people involved in risky professions, workers in organized organizations, and employees. This insurance scheme is very useful even for people with low income sources as insurance is available from a very low insurance fee (Rs.100).

Benefits covered under this insurance plan:

Death: Accidental death at the scene or during treatment

Permanent Total Disability: Insured unable to carry out his profession, business or job due to dismemberment due to an accident, such as amputation of both palms above the wrist, amputation of both legs below the ankle, loss of vision in both eyes, permanent paralysis.

Permanent Partial Disability: Due to an accident, the insured is partially disabled and unable to carry out his profession, business or job normally. For example: loss of an arm or palm, loss of a leg, loss of hearing in one ear. Temporary Total Disability: Due to an accident, the insured is unable to carry out his profession or business for a temporary period but due to total disability.

Treatment Expenses: The facility of treatment expenses will be available in case of injury due to external injury due to the risk covered in the insurance policy.

Amount payable under accident insurance:

Death: Full sum assured payment in case of death.

Total Permanent Disability: Full Sum Assured payment in case of permanent disability.

Partial Permanent Disability: Payment of amount according to predetermined conditions based on the condition of the disabled limb.

Permanent Total Disability: In case of loss of income, the amount paid is the actual income or 1 percent of the sum assured every week, whichever is less.

Medical expenses: The medical expenses incurred should be within 10 percent of the insurance amount.

Risks not covered by insurance:

1) In case of death or injury due to the following written causes

In case of intentional injury

Suicide or attempted suicide

Accidents due to the effects of alcohol or drugs

In case of traveling in aircraft or hot air balloon as other than passenger

In case of participation in wheel race, horse race, bungee jump, motorcycle race

While going on polo matches, hunting, scuba diving, mountain climbing and hunting

In case the insured violates any law

Caused by any disturbance in the nervous system other than external injury

Due to mental imbalance

In cases where any risk other than the protection of human life is taken

In a declared or undeclared war, in case of participation in civil unrest

In case of indirect loss resulting from any risk covered or not included in the insurance policy